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Episode 1 – Grains

Chef Marcus Samuelsson and everyday hero Jon Hammond teach us the importance of ancient grains and their role in the future of food. 


Episode 4 – Eggs

Food enthusiast Hannah Hart and egg farmer Jose Luis Jaime team up in pursuit of crafting the perfect breakfast sandwich. 


Episode 2 – Plants

Food expert Kevin Curry helps Rip Esselstyn, a firefighter-turned-cookbook author, convert a group of skeptical firefighters to a more plant-based diet. 


Episode 5 – Meat

Join Chef Chris Cosentino and Melissa Brandao of HerdDogg to learn new ways to more humanely raise food animals.

Episode 3 – Sugar

Celebrity chef and diabetic Sam Talbot is concerned about the overconsumption of sugar in the US. He travels to meet with wearable technology expert, Katia Vega, to explore emerging technology that could be a potential game changer for those struggling with diabetes.

Episode 6 – Clean

Rainn Wilson meets with Dan McCollister who is on the cutting edge of crop sharing among urban gardeners. 

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